Solo Publishing is a South Australian-based business that focuses on self-publishing projects.

We’re an off-shoot of Garron Publishing. Garron began its journey as a self-publishing service in 2010 and then expanded into traditional publishing. Its main focus now is producing a series of poetry chapbooks each year. In 2018, Garron decided to separate the two roles of traditional and self-publishing, and Solo Publishing is the result.

Our service includes cover design, ISBN, typesetting, printing and delivery. In addition, we can provide a comprehensive editing and proofreading service.

Other services include: website design, book launches, and assistance with social media.

We are also able to assist you with on-line publishing requirements and can upload your work onto Amazon and other print on demand website such as Lulu.




Garron Publishing was formed in 2010 by Gary MacRae as a means of self-publishing his own books. Since then, he has assisted many authors with their own self-publishing projects. In 2012 he took on a more traditional publishing role. The first book to be published was a non-fiction title called ‘Health Overhaul’ by Peter J Allen. In 2013 he began a series of poetry chapbooks for South Australian poets. The series has been very popular and demand is growing.

Sharon Kernot is publishing assistant at Garron Publishing. She is a writer and has extensive experience in editing, publishing and design.

You can learn more about Garron Publishing here.  Thank you for your interest.