Sampson Flat


Here’s what Daniel Palmer, author and editor of Sampson Flat Bushfire, had to say about his experience of self-publishing with Solo Publishing:

I began writing about my experiences during the bushfire as a way of resolving a lot of anguish that came from the event. The volume of material quickly added up, and the idea of writing a local history book began. I searched the internet for local book publishers and hit a wall, with many hurdles presented by companies that made the task of publishing appear to be an insurmountable process. 

Lucky for me a friend suggested that I contact Gary MacRae, and after a friendly chat, the ball was quickly rolling in the right direction. Gary very clearly explained throughout the publication process what he needed of me, and before I knew it, a manuscript was in my hands. It was one of the proudest moments of my life, holding a copy of my book, and I cannot thank him enough for helping my dream to become a success.


Daniel is an engineering surveyor by profession and a volunteer with the South Australian Country Fire Service, the Paracombe Brigade. Daniel was heavily involved in fighting the Sampson Flat bushfire of 2015, of which he decided to write a book about the experience for historical purposes.  Please visit our Author page for Daniel’s contact details.

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